Making an Adoption Plan


Making an adoption plan for your baby can feel overwhelming, but Cradle of Hope will guide you through every step.

1. CALL US:  If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call Cradle of Hope at 301-587-4400 or 703-352-4806.  You can talk with a counselor who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You will not be pressured to make a quick decision or one that does not feel comfortable to you.  Making the first call about adoption is an important step to getting reliable, accurate information about your options and the support you need to make a plan that is right for you and your baby.

2. MEET WITH A COUNSELOR:  You might be feeling scared or unsure about who to talk with about your pregnancy.  When you work with Cradle of Hope, your counselor will be there for you whenever you want to talk.  You can explore your options and talk about your feelings and concerns related to your unplanned pregnancy.  Your counselor will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as your child’s birthmother.  Remember, everything you tell the counselor will remain confidential.

3. IF YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE AN ADOPTION PLAN: Cradle of Hope will help you create a plan that works best for you.  You can select the adoptive family for your baby and even meet them prior to the baby’s birth.  We will screen, evaluate and educate prospective adoptive families to ensure that they will provide a loving and stable home for your child.  If you want to have continued contact with the adoptive family after the placement, we will help to arrange photos, letters, phone calls and even visits.  If you prefer a traditional adoption, Cradle of Hope will make sure that your privacy and your wishes are respected.  Whichever adoption plan you choose, our counselors are here to support you.

4. WHEN YOUR BABY IS BORN: You may be overwhelmed with emotions surrounding the birth of your baby.  Your counselor will be by your side at the hospital to provide you with support and counseling during this difficult time.  As your advocate, your counselor will work with the hospital to ensure your needs are met during your hospital stay.  You will be able to spend time with the baby during your hospital stay if you want to.

5. PLACEMENT:  The baby is placed with the adoptive family upon discharge from the hospital.  You will sign the legal adoption documents at time of placement.  This can be an emotional time for everyone, and Cradle of Hope will make sure to provide support and guidance.  It is important to remember and review why you have chosen adoption, and understand that your feelings are normal.  Expect your counselor to help you through this time and make sure that you feel comfortable with placement.

6. KEEPING IN TOUCH:  Although making an adoption plan is a selfless, loving decision, it also is a difficult one.  Over the next few days and months, it is common to feel many different emotions.  It is important to stay in touch with your counselor who can help you understand and process these feelings.  Choosing adoption is a life long decision and therefore, it will affect you throughout your life.  Your Cradle of Hope counselor will continue to support you after placement for as long as you need help in the healing process.  We will be a resource for you as you begin to move forward with your post-pregnancy life goals.