Humanitarian Aid

Cradle of Hope is very proud of our commitment to help children who remain behind in foreign orphanages. We have an active humanitarian aid program which has supported many projects including:

  • Cradle of Hope sponsored a mission of volunteer optometrists to provide free eye examinations and eye glasses to children and other needy persons in Russia.
  • Provided and installed new laundry equipment for a Moscow orphanage, so that the children’s clothes would no longer have to be washed by hand.
  • Donated funds to an orphanage in China for rehabilitation equipment.
  • Sponsored heart surgery for a desperately ill orphan, which enabled her to be adoptedby an American family.
  • Paid rent for one year for an orphanage in Ghana
  • Provided financial support for a Ugandan orphanage
  • Provided funds for playground renovations and new windows for a Russian orphanage
  • Arranged the donation of two wheelchairs for Russian orphans so they could participate in a wheelchair dancing competition.
  • Provided funds for Christmas celebrations, gifts, and a bowling party for older Russian orphans