Gavin just turned 3 last month. Gavin is a happy, energetic, and introverted child. He enjoys playing with toys, listening to music, and playing with other kids. His favorite toys are books, toy cars, and a toy phone. Gavin enjoys moving about and exploring.

Gavin’s gross and fine motor skills are developing well. He can crawl, stand steadily, and walk with one hand held. He can pick up small objects and imitate drawing lines. Gavin’s intelligence is reportedly delayed compared to his peers though he does know how to express his needs. He is able to speak in two-words phrases and imitate words. Gavin is not yet toilet trained and must wear diapers during the day and night. The orphanage reports that Gavin is too young to know any self-care skills. There is no indication that he would be unable to develop these skills if given the opportunity.

Gavin was abandoned at 4 months old. He was found with a note that told his founders his birthdate and that he was born prematurely. Gavin had surgery in July 2015 to repair an inguinal hernia. Gavin has been living with a foster family on the grounds of the orphanage since May 2016.

Could your family help Gavin thrive?




$6,000 grant is now available for Ruthie’s adoption

Ruthie, 8, has a ready smile and enjoys dancing. She gets along well with other children and will help them get dressed and ready for the day. Ruthie is a quiet girl who is cautious around strangers and is hesitant to talk.

Ruthie was abandoned at 2 years old. She had a thumb deformity on both of her hands and in April 2016 both of her thumbs were amputated. This doesn’t seem to impact her daily life – she can use the toilet, eat, drink, and get dressed without assistance. She has both bowel and bladder control. Ruthie can hold a pen in her palm and scribble but cannot write. Ruthie has slightly delayed intelligence compared to her peers. She understands language and can follow adults’ directions, but does not speak often. She uses body language to understand and communicate with others rather than using language.

Ruthie needs a loving family to help her thrive. Can she be your daughter?



Percy is a very bright and cheerful 5 year old boy. He’s got an adventurous personality, is eager to try new things, and has an open disposition that is friendly, but not inappropriately so. He is not afraid of foreigners from overseas and was immediately interested in learning English with American volunteers in school and was one of the first to master the alphabet song.  He’s got a good ear for language and has soaked up everything he can learn in English and he retains it (colors, shapes, animals, clothing, parts of the body, etc.). He has a great sense of humor, loves to laugh, and gives a loud “Good Morning!” and hard high five whenever he sees his English teachers.  In Chinese, he’s learned to read some Chinese characters, knows his numbers, has started basic math and knows many songs and dances from school.  Percy lives with an attentive foster family who would love to see him adopted as they know that he needs medical treatment from pediatric specialists.  He interacts appropriately with peers, is silly and fun with his little friends, but not unkind. He is attached to his foster parents and does not show any signs of attachment disorders.  This is an amazingly resilient little boy who needs some expert medical care and a loving forever family to reach his full potential.

Percy had surgery for a tethered spinal cord when he was eleven months old.  Complications from the surgery left him without bladder or bowel control.  Percy has a cystostomy (an opening in the bladder through his abdomen so that he now urinates through a tube in his bladder) which doesn’t slow him down one bit and which we hope can be reversed by US doctors. He is also diagnosed with scoliosis. His medical report also says that had a cardiac issue, but the orphanage confirms this is an error and that he has no cardiac issues. In a Denver Developmental Screening done 6 months ago, Percy scored advanced in language and gross motor skills, average in fine motor skills, and a bit delayed in emotional development which is fairly common for children coming from orphanages or foster care.

We have a $10,000 grant to help Percy get adopted.  Can your family help this very smart boy become your loving son?