All Agency Fees Waived

Zachary, 6.5 years old, is described as a “lovely and optimistic” boy with a ready smile who gets along with and likes playing with others.  We are advocating for him as part of our Down Syndrome Initiative and will waive all agency fees for Zachary’s future family.  He has strong imitation ability, and his caregivers say he’s calm, timid, quiet and introverted.  He’s fond of playing games and listening to music and can be energetic. He can dress himself, but needs some reminders and help with bowel and bladder control. His favorite activities are going up stairs and playing with stampede cars!





All Agency Fees Waived

David, 7 years old, is described as a “lovely, bright and nice boy who likes greeting and interacting with others.  He’s diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and he had surgery in 2011 for ventricular septal defect and is now considered free of heart disease.  He can walk, jump, and go up and down stairs without help, and he is able to dress and undress himself, but has limited speaking ability, and doesn’t have bowel or bladder control.  He can say simple words, count to 10, and has strong imitation ability.  Under our Down Syndrome Initiative, we are waiving agency fees for his adoptive family.




Levi, almost 4, is a cheerful, extroverted, and energetic boy who gets along well with others.  He was abandoned at birth.  He lives in a foster family and is closest to his foster grandma, happy when she teases him, unhappy when she scolds him for being obstinate, but he recovers quickly if she feeds him.  He loves hugs, playing outside, with toy cars, and listening to music.  He is diagnosed with undescended testicles but hasn’t received any treatment. He is said to have a slight delay in intelligence.  His speech is slightly delayed compared to other children, but he hasn’t had speech therapy.  He has bowel and bladder control.


Liam, 4.5 years old, is an extroverted boy who is happy when he’s given food or toys he likes or when he plays outside with friends.  He’s unhappy and can show a “little temper” when he’s in a bad mood, but his mood improves when foster grandma holds him to comfort him or gives him snacks to distract him.  He loves to be hugged, and his favorite toy is a car.  He was found abandoned right after birth with some clothing left by his side.   He’s diagnosed with possible hydrocephalus and “mild tricuspid regurgitation.”  His daily activities are normal and he hasn’t received any treatment.  He has bowel and bladder control but needs some help from adults.  He has a slight delay in intelligence and speech compared to other children his age.




A $2,500 grant is available for Adam’s adoption.

Adam, almost 3 years old, has just lost his family.  This sweetheart is deaf, although his caregiver thinks he has a little hearing in one ear.  He was abandoned on a train when he was about six months old and came into orphanage care.  He walks well, can go up and down stairs, can speak a few words, feeds himself and gets along well with his peers. Adam has bowel and bladder control and normal intelligence.  He likes to watch cartoons and dancing to music.






All Agency Fees Waived

Nina is a cute 4 year old diagnosed with Down Syndrome but otherwise healthy.  She gets along well with her caretakers and other children, is fond of looking at picture books and playing with games and colorful toys.  She is quiet but can imitate words.  She is described as delayed compared to others her age.  She was abandoned at about 9 months old.  Under our Down Syndrome Initiative, agency fees will be waived for a family adopting Nina.