Waiting Children

To receive a password to see our current waiting children, please fill out our waiting child inquiry form.

Pre-homestudy families will be considered on a case by case basis.  

Down Syndrome Initiative We are waiving all agency fees for families adopting Chinese children diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

An additional $1000 reduction is available for families in MD, VA, and DC who also contract with us for homestudy services.

If you have room in your heart and home for any of our waiting children, please contact Patrice Gancie at pgancie@cradlehope.org or 301/587-4400.



Danny, 6.5 years old, is outgoing, friendly, good-natured, likes to be close to people and has good independence.   He was abandoned in a hospital two months after his birth.  He’s a quiet boy who loves riding bikes and playing on children’s slides.  He had heart surgery three years ago with good recovery.  Danny was initially diagnosed with deafness but is shown in his videos wearing hearing aids.  Since March 2018 he has received training at a language rehabilitation center.  He can follow oral directions, is saying a few words, and has good gross motor skills.  He is in kindergarten and has normal intelligence comparable to his peers.  He can read graphic story books on his own, do simple addition and subtraction, knows numbers and can write strokes of Chinese characters.  He can express himself and choose the correct way to communicate.   Danny likes to dance and play games with other children in his orphanage.  He has bowel and bladder control.



Jenny, 10 years old, is described as an active, brave, smart, beautiful and considerate girl.  She was found abandoned at a bus station when she was 10 months old.  She is diagnosed with deafness, but after a cochlear implant in October 2017, is getting hearing and speech rehabilitation and beginning to learn and say some words.  She can communicate with fluent Chinese sign language. She has good self-care skills, gets along well with other children and teachers, and she likes to help others with things like sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning tables, and putting chairs in place. Jenny has strong imitating ability, can imitate dances on TV.  She studies at a special school where she grasps what she’s learned in class, has good memory and strong understanding and comprehending ability. She can read phrases and sentences and can tell other people what she’s read though sign language. She has strong observational ability, can find the subtleties in objects, can read facial expressions, and can pass other’s information or express her thoughts with sign language. Jenny completes homework on time, and she’s improving in writing sentences and has nice handwriting.  She likes drawing, handicrafts, rope skipping, dancing and exercise.  She has been selected to be on her school’s dance team.



Andrew, 4 years old, is an active, extroverted boy with a ready smile.  He gets along with others, loves to imitate, is fond of playing with toys, especially balls, and is close to his caretaker and friends in his orphanage.  He was abandoned at birth and was initially diagnosed with hydrocephalus, although he hasn’t received any treatment and the orphanage reported earlier this year that he no longer has that diagnosis.  His medical indicated some issue with kidneys in August 2017, but his kidney function is reportedly normal now and he currently has no medical issues. Andrew can put on his shoes and a jacket, has bowel and bladder control, feeds himself, walks alone steadily, runs well, and can kick a ball without losing his balance.  He can be stubborn.  His intelligence and speech levels are slightly delayed, but he is speaking in 3 – 4 word sentences.



A $6,500 grant is available for Christian’s adoption, if a family applies before June 30, 2018.  Pre-homestudy families will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Christian, 4 years old, was born in December 2013 and found abandoned as a newborn. He was born with a heart condition (VSD) that was surgically corrected in April 2014.  He is deaf with external deformity of both ears and facial paralysis (mouth and eyes pull to the right when crying.) Christian’s adoption report was completed around his 4th birthday and he is described as being a happy, active, tolerant, and caring little boy. He has an extroverted personality and his favorite toy is a ball. He likes new toys and being praised by his foster parents. Christian can walk, skip and go up and down stairs independently. He can imitate drawing lines, wash his own hands and undress himself. His intelligence is said to be delayed compared to peers but he can speak a few words, understands adults’ instructions and knows the difference between “big” and “small.” He is fond of imitating and playing games, and his favorite activity is playing with other children.


A $6,500 grant is available for Harry’s adoption, if a family applies before June 30, 2018.  Pre-homestudy families will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Harry, 3 years old, was born in January 2015 and found abandoned as a newborn. Congenital heart disease and uronephrosis were suggested in his medical history, however, there is no confirmation within his file as to what his primary diagnosis is. If he did/does have these issues, neither appear to affect his daily life based on the info currently available. Harry has been living with a foster family whom he is close to. He is described as being a happy, positive and quiet boy who likes imitating, listening to music, playing with toys and smiling. He is extroverted and enjoys playing with other children. Harry can crawl, stand, walk freely, go up and down stairs and jump. He can pick up small objects with his fingers, hold a pen to scribble, build a tower of blocks and turn pages in a book. He can dress himself and uses the potty with reminders from his foster parents. Harry’s intelligence is said to be the same as his peers, he can speak in simple phrases to communicate and is able to understand simple instructions from adults. Harry’s favorite activities are taking baths and playing outdoors, and his favorite toys are cars.