Waiting Children

The children listed below are available for adoption.  Some are assigned exclusively to Cradle of Hope, others are on the shared list. Contact us at info@cradlehope.org for more information on these children and how they can become a part of your family.

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William, just over 2 years old, is an active boy described as quick-minded, energetic, and always ready with a smile.  He gets along with other children, likes playing with games and toys, singing, listening to music, and imitating others.  Found abandoned shortly after birth, he has an external deformation of his right ear, but has normal hearing in both ears.  He’s happy when eating snacks, unhappy when his needs aren’t met, but he brightens up when caretakers give him snacks or cuddle him.  His favorite toy is a ball, and his favorite things are playing or dancing with other children.  He has normal intelligence.  He’s being trained for bowel and bladder control, but he’s not quite there yet.  His motor development is good—he can walk alone and get around barriers.  He can speak short sentences clearly,  knows his name, and likes to communicate with others.  He understands adults’ words, follows directions, and uses simple words to express his needs.  He has good self-care ability, eating food with spoons and drinking from cups, and he’s cooperative with clothes changing, taking off his own shoes and socks.  His original diagnosis mentioned possibility of CHD, but while his heart will be checked, he hasn’t had any treatment, and there are no restrictions on his daily activities.




Daniel, 2.5 years  old, is diagnosed with delayed development, but has no other health issues.  He was abandoned at birth.  He is quiet and needs time to become familiar with others and communicate with them.  He can imitate words, but can’t pronounce them clearly, is described as weak in language communication but shows more reaction to body contact.  He hasn’t started toilet training yet.  He’s described as active and sometimes stubborn, and he likes quiet activities, listening to music, and playing with small, soft toys.






Michael, 5, is described as an “open, stable, clever” boy who is well-liked by teachers and other students.  He has strong learning ability and performs well in school.   He likes playing football and drawing, and he says he wants to be an athlete when he grows up.  He has strong self-care skills.  He is diagnosed as an “intersex” child with evidence of both male and female genitalia, but genetic test results indicate he is male and can be raised as a boy with treatment.  He has no other identified health issues, and he has bowel and bladder control.  He has a quiet personality, but likes to talk, sing, read picture books and play games.  He can be stubborn, and he has quick reactions and a ready smile. See Michael’s videos via the links below:





Andrew, 4 years old, is an active, extroverted boy with a ready smile.  He gets along with others, loves to imitate, is fond of playing with toys, especially balls, and is close to his caretaker and friends in his orphanage.  He was abandoned at birth. He can put on shoes and a jacket, has bowel and bladder control, walks alone steadily, and can go up and down stairs by himself.  He can be stubborn.  His intelligence is normal, but he has a slight delay in speech development.  He was originally diagnosed with hydrocephalus, but his orphanage now says he doesn’t have that condition. And though his medical showed some issue with kidneys in August 2017, his kidney function is reportedly normal now.





Seth, 4 years old, is a cheerful, happy and active boy who loves to laugh and show his sweet smile.  He loves to be hugged, and his favorite time is when his foster mom holds him to go outside to play.  He diagnosed with repaired cleft lip and palate. Though he was diagnosed with congestive heart disease when he was found abandoned at 3 days old, there is no indication that he currently has any cardiac issues. Seth loves playing outside and with toy cars.