William, just over 2 years old, is an active boy described as quick-minded, energetic, and always ready with a smile.  He gets along with other children, likes playing with games and toys, singing, listening to music, and imitating others.  Found abandoned shortly after birth, he has an external deformation of his right ear, but has normal hearing in both ears.  He’s happy when eating snacks, unhappy when his needs aren’t met, but he brightens up when caretakers give him snacks or cuddle him.  His favorite toy is a ball, and his favorite things are playing or dancing with other children.  He has normal intelligence.  He’s being trained for bowel and bladder control, but he’s not quite there yet.  His motor development is good—he can walk alone and get around barriers.  He can speak short sentences clearly,  knows his name, and likes to communicate with others.  He understands adults’ words, follows directions, and uses simple words to express his needs.  He has good self-care ability, eating food with spoons and drinking from cups, and he’s cooperative with clothes changing, taking off his own shoes and socks.  His original diagnosis mentioned possibility of CHD, but while his heart will be checked, he hasn’t had any treatment, and there are no restrictions on his daily activities.