$6,000 grant is now available for Ruthie’s adoption

Ruthie, 8, has a ready smile and enjoys dancing. She gets along well with other children and will help them get dressed and ready for the day. Ruthie is a quiet girl who is cautious around strangers and is hesitant to talk.

Ruthie was abandoned at 2 years old. She had a thumb deformity on both of her hands and in April 2016 both of her thumbs were amputated. This doesn’t seem to impact her daily life – she can use the toilet, eat, drink, and get dressed without assistance. She has both bowel and bladder control. Ruthie can hold a pen in her palm and scribble but cannot write. Ruthie has slightly delayed intelligence compared to her peers. She understands language and can follow adults’ directions, but does not speak often. She uses body language to understand and communicate with others rather than using language.

Ruthie needs a loving family to help her thrive. Can she be your daughter?