Noah, 8, is described as bright, thoughtful, curious, and chatty. He has a great sense of humor, cheerful disposition, and love of life. His caretakers say he is a “very interesting and lovely boy.” Noah likes drawing, writing, playing games, and spending time with his peers. He enjoys playing with playdough, messy play, playing pretend restaurant, and doing arts and crafts. He will proudly show off his crafts to others. Noah enjoys trying new foods and is happy when he is allowed to make his own peanut butter and jelly.

Noah is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, though an Australian physician working with the non-governmental organization (NGO) at Noah’s orphanage says this needs to be retested because it presents differently than expected. Noah is independently mobile, but he does need continued physical and occupational therapy since he tends to walk on tip-toe. Noah can walk straight and has good balance but he can’t run, jump, or walk far. Noah has good self-care skills. He can eat and drink, get dressed and undressed, and use the toilet without assistance.

An IQ test done by the NGO found that Noah had above average intelligence. He started working with the NGO in April 2016 after spending several years in a cerebral palsy hospital in a different province. Noah is doing well in this program. He adores his teachers and is described as an eager student. He can read, write his name, and is learning English. Noah has good language abilities and communicates well with others. He has a slight lisp that he has been working on in speech therapy.

Noah was abandoned as an infant and is now living with a foster family. Noah longs for a family of his own and often asks when his family will come for him. Is Noah the son you’ve been looking for?