Levi, 8, is described as smiley, sensitive, quiet, and compassionate. He gets along well with others and enjoys playing games with his friends. Levi is quiet but he is very attentive and aware of other’s needs. He is patient and thoughtful when conversing with others. His favorite toy is a toy car.

Levi was abandoned at 1.5 years old. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Levi entered a program at the orphanage run by a non-governmental organization (NGO) in April 2016 after spending several years in a cerebral palsy hospital in another province. He now lives and attends school in the orphanage with other children his age. Levi has never received surgery. He receives rehabilitation training every day during the week.

Levi has improved a lot since coming to the orphanage and NGO program in 2016. He can’t walk alone, but he can crawl and stand while holding onto something. Since getting a new wheelchair this past Spring Levi’s mobility has improved. He has high muscle tone that affects his whole body. Levi will continue to need physical and occupation therapy to help improve his mobility and self-care skills further. He still depends on his caretakers for assistance, but his self-care skills have improved. He can eat independently, use the bathroom, wash his face, and brush his teeth without assistance. The NGO reports that he is toilet trained but his orphanage says he still wears diapers at night. Levi has never had formal schooling before last year so new concepts come slowly to him but he doesn’t give up. He can express his needs though he is quiet and speaks slowly. Levi has average intelligence. He had been lacking adult attention and formal schooling prior to entering this program. Levi has improved greatly since he began receiving both.

Levi wants to be adopted. Could your family provide Levi with the loving home he deserves?