A $10,000 grant is available for Joseph’s adoption.

Joseph, 9.5, is a sunny boy with a ready smile who likes to be in the center of the action. Joseph is a people person who is happiest when playing outside with the other children. He enjoys coloring, doing puzzles, and kicking around a ball outside.

Joseph was abandoned at 3 years old. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He lives in the orphanage with other children. Joseph has not had any surgeries and only last year began receiving therapeutic services. He can’t walk alone, but he can stand while holding onto a rail, sit alone, and crawl. Joseph uses a wheelchair to move about. This has helped increase his independence. Before beginning speech therapy last year Joseph was non-verbal and could only communicate his needs with physical actions and facial expressions. He is now learning both English and Chinese. He has never had any formal schooling, but he does work with a private teacher daily. He now can recognize colors, animals, numbers, and shapes. His weight is now in a healthy weight range since beginning therapy. His self-care skills have also improved. He now helps when getting dressed, can eat finger foods unassisted, and can drink from his own cup. Joseph toilet trained. He occasionally has seizures but these are well controlled with medication.

Joseph receives his therapeutic services from a non-governmental organization (NGO) in China. The NGO had this to say about Joseph: “Joseph has therapy needs that cannot be adequately met in China, but we’ve seen such amazing progress in what little he’s been given that we have high hopes for him to become much more independent. He wants to be adopted and understands that several of his friends now have families of their own.”

Could your family help Joseph thrive?