Jade, 3.5, is active, energetic, and extroverted. She enjoys listening to music, reading picture books, playing outside, and playing games, especially puzzles, phone games, blocks, and rings. Jade is a smiley girl who gets along well with others.

Jade was abandoned at birth. She was diagnosed with congenital megacolon radical, which we call Hirschsprung disease in the U.S., a birth condition that causes blockage of the intestines. Jade had surgery at 2 months old and again at 10 months old to correct this condition and allow her to defecate normally. She needed anal stretching for 6 months after her second surgery, but no longer receives this. She was evaluated at 13 months and found to be successfully treated for this condition. Jade is now able to urinate and defecate normally, though she does not yet have bowel and bladder control.

Jade is delayed in her growth, language, and intelligence. She can walk and run, but can be unsteady at times. She can hold a pen to draw, but she has trouble drawing a straight line. Jade can imitate language, understand the meaning of “no”, respond to adult directions, use words to express her needs, and say a few simple words, but she has poor pronunciation. The orphanage notes that Jade has significant delays but they believe that these delays are not permanent. They are hopeful that she will improve with the love and care of a family.

Can Jade find a home with your family?