Holly, 8, is a happy, active girl. She enjoys playing with toys, watching cartoons, imitating, listening to music, and dancing. She is described as introverted and is closest to her foster mom. Holly lives with a foster family on the grounds of the orphanage.

Holly was abandoned at 6 months old. She is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and patent ductus arteriosus, a type of congenital heart disease. Holly can walk, run, and jump though she gets tired if she walks for a long time. She can have simple communication. Holly attends school in the orphanage. Her best subject is music. She has both bowel and bladder control.

In order to help Holly find a family, we are waiving our entire agency fee. Holly’s family will be responsible for the costs of their homestudy, post-placement reports, dossier authentication, China’s dossier log-in and translation fees, USCIS fees, orphanage donation and travel expenses. Our staff will assist Holly’s family with grant applications and fundraising. The federal Adoption Tax Credit may also be beneficial to Holly’s family.

Can Holly find a home with your family?