Gavin just turned 3 last month. Gavin is a happy, energetic, and introverted child. He enjoys playing with toys, listening to music, and playing with other kids. His favorite toys are books, toy cars, and a toy phone. Gavin enjoys moving about and exploring.

Gavin’s gross and fine motor skills are developing well. He can crawl, stand steadily, and walk with one hand held. He can pick up small objects and imitate drawing lines. Gavin’s intelligence is reportedly delayed compared to his peers though he does know how to express his needs. He is able to speak in two-words phrases and imitate words. Gavin is not yet toilet trained and must wear diapers during the day and night. The orphanage reports that Gavin is too young to know any self-care skills. There is no indication that he would be unable to develop these skills if given the opportunity.

Gavin was abandoned at 4 months old. He was found with a note that told his founders his birthdate and that he was born prematurely. Gavin had surgery in July 2015 to repair an inguinal hernia. Gavin has been living with a foster family on the grounds of the orphanage since May 2016.

Could your family help Gavin thrive?